Our Approach

We believe in doing business in a way that is fair, transparent and, above all, safe and sustainable. These are the fundamentals of responsible practice. Without them we cannot build the trust and good faith on which we trade.

At S R Company, we know that a responsible business is a sustainable business. We take our responsibilities seriously - and none more so than health and safety. No other matter -  commercial or operational - takes precedence over the wellbeing of those involved in or affected by our activities.

We have set ourselves the target of eliminating all accidents from our operations. This is an ambitious goal. But we are confident we can achieve it through the commitment of all our people to put health and safety first in everything they do.

While this is - and will remain - our greatest priority, we recognize that our responsibilities extend beyond this. To ensure our sustainability agenda delivers maximum value, we begin by understanding the role we are expected to play in dealing with the social, economic and environmental challenges of our time.

As businesses strive for commercial sustainability in challenging conditions, they must at the same time respond to a new economic framework where competitive advantages is determined by the social and environmental dividends of their operations.

The way we manage these interconnected issues will have a material impact on the success of our business. But if we are to achieve our objectives, we must be honest about the scale of the undertaking and committed to finding the right solutions.

Sustainability Policy

Sustainability is about maximizing our environmental, economic and socio-economic performance, in the interests of the business, our clients, our contractors and our planet.

As an Enduring company, we are implementing a strategy which aims to create sustainable growth by meeting the economic, social and environmental challenges of our rapidly changing world.

Sustainability will be pursed as an integral part of fulfulling our corporate vision. We will continually strive, and expect, to:
Our policies are reviewed and updated annually to react to client needs and evolve with the world around us to make S R Company of first choice for all our Clients and Contractors, whilst challenging and changing the image of construction.
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